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Ellerian again. I really love Elven Queen and this is my spring version. Tender, but a bit cold and treacherous

This is Thranduil’s wife before you, strolling through the spring Mirkwood. Shade trees hid her from the midday sun, and in her pretty little head has already started to mature an escape plan …

Elven Queen: Tano.

Photographer: Kais Rigan Deriy.

 To be continued …


Oh, yeah! Someone had asked me for these ages ago when I had only one but here are the old/new illos all in one place for comparison. Old were done in October of 2013 and the new ones were all finished within the past month or so.

Redrawing these was definitely worthwhile and helped me pick out all of the shortcuts I took with the pieces the first time around. I’d highly suggest revisiting some of your old work for a little while if you’re stuck on a current project. (PRINTS HERE). 

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